One Chapter of Life

SJB-KCA,13-10-2010,19.01 pm-04.48 am
This is only a small paper, about 10×8 cm, but it will lead me to a long journey-even just 12 hour.

That old man just quiet on that place, a small place that connect the locomotive and the coach. He looks like my grandfather, but smaller and offcourse younger. His white shirt seems wet because of rain, maybe

he already sit there for two hour, he took a bath with a rain on the place where he sit.
“I come from Sragen, and I want to go to Ciamis..”,he said in south Javanesse accent, one from lot of person who want to find some life in another place, about 300 km.
The cold wind hit his old body this night, at this small place, in the small side of locomotive, maybe 8 people join with us. No more space at the coach for us.

“Please move from that place! Your leg may be broken on that connection!”, station officer shouted to us at Lempuyangan. Something that maybe you must pay for Rp 26,000.

Some passanger out, more passanger came in. It makes the condition at the coach never feel better. Standing space is as full as the the chair, some people sit on the floor. And some trader move along the small

space of us, with their big bag of food or drink, shouted their stuff.

My leg hit something when I want to change my standing position. Maybe a bag that placed on the floor, I tried to move it under the chair.
” ‘It’ is my brother..”,someone poked my shoulder, “..he was sick today, so he can’t standing well, he already there since Madiun Station,,”, 4 hours ago.
“Kroya, we will visit our grandmother”, maybe next 4 hour they’ll come at Kroya. They called it ‘silaturahim’.

Two guys move closing at me, the white shirt has a red hair, his ciggarets  on his finger poluted the air on this coach. His friend has a dark skin, his un-sleeve black shirt revealed a tatto, I can see it clearly what

picture is it. The white one sit at the floor.
Pickpocket! I touched my handphone at my sidepocket, so did my wallet at backpocket. It was there, right now.

“It’s very hot here..”, the white shirt shout to his friend with his west region of Central Java accent. He stands up and ask the black shirt to replace his place. Sitting on the floor with a piece of newspaper as a

cover, same as other passanger. I just stand near from them, still with the same position: touch my pocket regularly.

Next two hour, the black shirt stands up from the floor, talked to me; “Bro, please replace my place. We will go down at Sidareja, maybe on two hour, you can sit here.”

The baby was crying, make some passenger woke up from his sleep. His father turn on his ciggarets, and his mother try to keep him on her chest. In the next minutes, the baby stop crying, he laid on the chair

with his head on his fathers thigh. His mother turn on her ciggaret, it’s smoke blow at her child. Then she ask two cup of coffe for her husband and herself. The sun shine and cold morning wind through the

window, with the beautiful scenery of East Pasundan mountain range. What a life!

“Next year, don’t use this train anymore..”, a young man shout to his wife. They still young, maybe just married, their wedding ring still place on their sweet-finger.
“My boss will angry at me, I should come to the office at 8, but we are still here darling,,”,his wife just smiling, she tired, standing from Madiun to Tasikmalaya, it’s about 10 hour with the crowded situation at the

coach almost during the journey. About Rp 31.000 from Madiun to Bandung, 700-1000 passenger every trip. Someone should thinking more deeply within this condition.

It stop. I climbed down. This is my first step at this city. My cellphone ringing, a short message.
“Pick a white car with yellow and green strips, ask the driver to stop at Simpang.
Call me when you come at Simpang, I will pick you there.
-mas Adhi-”

Welcome to the real life.

SoloJebres-Kiaracondong, 13-14 September 2010